Playing paparazzi

Phoenix is a little bit sports nutz.  Even the route for the cross country bicycle race “Race Across America” passed by close to Phoenix.  One of the contestants in this race was a pretty celebrity, Pippa Middleton.  So I ventured out with the trusty 50D to try for a few shots.  As the gallery shows, I got lucky (click on any photo for a bigger view) –

In a perfect world:

  • A vertical grip would have been nice.  The subject was standing, so almost all shots were taken with the portrait orientation.
  • A quieter camera would have been nice.  Most of the other spectators did not have DSLR.  Thus the 50D clacking away in its Continuous drive mode was conspicuous.  I would have tried my old Olympus mirrorless camera, but do not have a suitable lens for it, plus its autofocus is very dodgy (compared to a DSLR).
  • Oh well . . .