Mesa Art Festival (various RAW developers)


I got to visit an art festival in Mesa, Arizona.  No profound lessons here, just a collection of some fun shots, with notes on camera settings.  Unless otherwise stated, all shots were taken with a Canon 50D /w Canon EF 28-135mm zoom.  Go through the slides in order with the right arrow click, or jump around by clicking on the little dots at the bottom.  (Please have patience, the initial slide may take a bit of time to load)

Entrance (Auto mode)


The Mesa Arts Center is not a single building, it’s a campus, with this marker at the entrance. Auto mode was used for the exposure.  The RAW file was processed in Canon’s Digital Photo Professional to tone the brightness (note backlighting) down a little.  These simple edits were more effective than any advanced camera settings (which I also tried).

28mm     Auto mode     (ISO 100)     (1/250)     (f/9.0)

*note: this is Auto mode, so all exposure settings were by the camera’s AE programming (….)