JPG Landscape Color: Canon – Fujifilm – Olympus

This set was taken with three different cameras, within minutes of each other.  Hopefully to get an idea of the more subtle color differences for JPG images, sans any post processing.  The cameras are the Canon 50D (APS-C crop) with Canon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II (kit zoom), Olympus E-M5 (Micro 4/3 sensor) with Sigma 19mm f/2.8 (APS-C design), and Fujifilm X-E2s (APS-C sensor) with Fuji 23mm f/2 (native lens). The scale for each image was adjusted a little to yield the same size objects.  The differences in aspect ratio and sensor size result in differences in overall frame size.

Click on the picture above for the “lightbox” view, which is larger.  Even more important, the standard HTML IMG presentation degrades the color tones slightly with some browsers (Chrome for sure).  The lightbox view overcomes this issue.

All 3 shots were handheld.  With all cameras in Aperture priority, metering on Matrix, WB Daylight, and ISO on Auto.  The shot with the E-M5 was taken with a little more open aperture in deference to the slightly smaller sensor.  In the lightbox view you should be able to read the EXIF info below each shot.  I did not use the default “standard” or “vivid” picture settings because I deem these to be too hot for good landscape photography.  Trying to keep it real 🙂 .  For deeper data see the following table:

Canon 50D – IMG_1015 Olympus E-M5 – PC130274 Fujifilm X-E2s – DSCF9028
Picture Style: Faithful

Highlight tone priority: Off

Auto Lighting Optimizer: Off

Keep Warm Color: Off

Picture Mode: Natural

Highlight&Shadow: Off

Gradation: Normal

Film Simulation: PRO Neg Hi

Dynamic Range: [200]