Black and White Presets for various RAW developers

This section will present the same presets, but organized by the editing software, instead of trying to categorize things.

Starting off with ACDSee, a brand that has been around about as long as Adobe.  The ACDSee architecture is not the most streamlined.  Their DAM thumbnails are on the Manage tab (page?) and the Action type presets can be applied immediately, even to RAW thumbnails.  Without going to a edit tab.  Of course there is a Develop tab for editing RAW images.  This has Effect presets available, which are a sub-set of the larger Actions collection found in the Manage and Edit tabs.  So not as many choices for the Develop tab.  In the Edit tab for bitmap editing the full Actions collection re-appears, including the same Effects from the Develop tab.  Clear as mud?

Affinity a new product by a long established brand, Serif.  It has a full set of tools for importing and working with the new LUT (Look Up Table) type files just for presents.  Unfortunately they did not package a lot of these with the Affinity download.  It was dumb luck that I stumbled across the nice ones by James Ritson, who is associated with Affinity.  So not many to show off here.

My version of Lightroom is an old one, 5.7.  I don’t know if these Look1/2/3 etc presets are still found in the current versions of Lightroom.  But here they are anyways –

Luminar is all new, with an emphasis on presets, or tonalities as they are called in Luminar. Lots of tonalities!

Rawtherapee is an open source project that has matured into a respectable RAW workbench. Noted for its film simulations, which seem endless! In most cases the differences between simulations are very subtle. I have limited these to a small sample of what is possible. In addition to B&W, Rawtherapee does have many color treatments, but almost all of these use strong color. The two “tint” selections shown here were the only mild color treatments I came across.