Art Scenes – Scottsdale, Arizona

There is more to Scottsdale (Arizona) than resorts.  Affluent cities often embrace the arts, Scottsdale is no exception.

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 Near downtown Scottsdale is the Old Scottsdale district, packed with boutiques.  One with the old wooden indian figures outside!  Also, a few fountains.

A few blocks from Old Scottsdale is the Civic Center Park.  Green lawns dotted with various pools and fountains.

Art festivals are a pretty big deal for the cities around Phoenix.  The one for Scottsdale attracts well over 150 exhibitors.  And there are four other festivals around the valley at different times of the year.  A nice opportunity for people watching, or playing at street photography.

The two photos below were not taken at a festival.  They are in the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, which is adjacent to the Civic Center park.  I took these (plus more in between) with the intention of making a panorama.  But my trials with the MS ICE program failed, so now you see the two images as one joined image.  If “street photography” is simply photos of strangers, then this is street photography.  Or maybe not.  With permission.

There are several permanent art installations located in the Civic Center park.

A few miles north of downtown Scottsdale is an unusual public park – the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park.  Combines the usual picnicking arrangements with an outdoor railroad museum.  Which includes a big building just for model railroads.  I consider model building to be an art form, so here you are –

Several miles further north from the McCormick park in North Scottsdale is a shopping district called Market Street at DC Ranch.  This complex features a landscaped outdoor square with sculptures of a family of mountain lions.

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