Canon 77D landscape JPG defaults

Trying out various shooting modes for the Canon 77D against my old Olympus E-M5. Lens for the Canon is a Tamron 17-50 f/2.8, for the Oly I tried the Panasonic 12-35 f/2.8.  ISO is Auto in all cases.
Auto mode

The Auto modes for both cameras are the auto scene selection type.  And yet both cameras failed to detect that this was a landscape scene!!!  So what we got was their default Auto settings.  And both missed the ideal exposure.  Canon went a little high while the Oly went low.

Landscape scene

The Landscape scene for the Canon is right on the shooting mode dial. With the Olympus you select SCN on the dial, then drop into the menus to pick Landscape scene. Oly also has a Landscape + Portrait scene, which is included here.

WB Auto, Picture style - auto, Auto lighting - Std
WB Daylight, Picture style - vivid
WB and other settings same as Landscape. Hard to see, but contrast is a tiny bit less (more like default Program mode).

Program mode

Both cameras have their Program mode “P” on the shooting mode dial.  Both cameras have JPG options to attempt shadow lifting.  Those examples are the 2nd set.

Program mode default settings.
Program mode default settings.
Canon's Auto Lighting Optimizer set to High. So this is as much shadow lifting as Canon can provide. A bit odd that this ALO setting seemed to also affect the AE aperture!
Oly's Gradation set to Auto. Does not work exactly like the Canon ALO option. Better to think of this as auto contrast. Also, the exposure settings are the result of a Program-Shift setting. Not the default. My goof up, sorry.