Canon 760D vs Olympus E-M10: Landscape controls

The landscape results for the Canon 760D and Olympus OM-D E-M10 can end up very close in tones.  This gallery will try to show what differences there may be.  All of the shots were taken at about the same time, all hand held, all with Auto ISO. The black bands at the top and bottom of the Olympus pictures are the result of fitting different size images into the same photo gallery. Oly images have an aspect ratio of 3:4 where Canon is 2:3. These bands do not appear on the actual images! As with most web galleries, click on any of the thumbnails for more info about that image.

We will start with the Auto and Landscape shooting modes. Only Olympus does not have Landscape as a mode, instead you have to set the SCN mode, then step through the menu to the Landscape scene.

If you like to use the Program shooting mode, here are samples for that.

Olympus cameras have a tone control labeled “Gradation”.  This is a small set of tone curves, one of which is the “Low Key” gradation.  Pretty much the opposite of the HDR game, Low Key deepens shadows for more drama.