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Topaz Adjust: HDR Dynamic Brightness

Topaz is a popular brand for “plugins” for Photoshop and Lightroom. The Lightroom version does not actually work within Lightroom. Instead a Fusion Express option is placed in the Photo / Edit In menu in Lightroom. Click on Fusion Express and you get to pick Topaz Adjust, then the image data is exported to Fusion Express, which provides a Photoshop-like framework for Topaz Adjust to use. Which means you are working with a copy of the LR image, not the original. When done with your Topaz Adjust session, you are asked to save the TA version as a TIFF file. So this is all a kludge to get around the issue that TA is not native to LR. TIFF files are bloated, this is not an ideal situation. But it works.

That HDR tag in the name of this tool is tongue-in-cheek.  A single image is used, so this is not true HDR, just an effort to give an HDR-like result.