Canon vs Olympus – Program mode

DSCF0431thmThis is the second in a series of studies on how Auto Exposure, camera modes, metering modes, scenes, and tone mapping compare between Canon and Olympus.  The specific cameras are a Canon EOS 50D (DSLR) and an Olympus E-PL2 (mirrorless).

 PROGRAM MODE:  All advanced cameras have a Program mode.
This particular Canon, the 50D, lacks scene settings.  The Olympus PL2 has several scenes which can be handy for setting up certain options that are available only in PASM modes on a simpler camera like the 50D.  Just for comparison, Auto mode results are also shown here. In cases where the Olympus iAuto mode cannot match any scene, it reports the setting as “Program”.
The Canon 50D also lacks automatic picture enhancement.  The Olympus PL2 does have this feature, and it always applies picture enhancement to every Auto shot.

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